Teaching to Transgress: Education As the Practice of Freedom, by bell hooks
Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice, by Marianne Adams, Lee Anne Bell, and Pat Griffin

“3 Pillars of White Supremacy and Heteropatriarchy,” by  Andrea Smith.
“Cripping Queer Politics,” by Robert McRuer
“Essays on Feminism, Marxism and Anti-Racism”- Himani Bannerji
“Looking White People in The Eye”- Sherene Razak
“Transgender Warriors”- Leslie Feinburg

Blogs/Magazine Articles:
Color Lines
Black Girl Dangerous
Misadventures of a queer student teacher
Teaching Social Justice (ETFO Voice)


Teaching Tolerance:
White Privilege
White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
White Anti-Racism: Living the Legacy
Righting Relations National Hub (Advocacy, Decolonization. Facilitation, Life Affirming, Popular Ed., Traditional Teaching)
Science of Oppression
The Danger of the single story
The Barefoot Guide: Resources for Teaching Social Change


“Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by Paulo Friere 
*note you can download this book online for free

Popular Education Centers:
Teaching for Change – Washington, DC
The Highlander Center – Knoxville, TN
Paulo Freire Institute (PFI) – Los Angeles, CA
The Praxis Project – Washington, DC
Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty & Genocide
Popular Education News

Popular Education Resource Library:

Popular Education Tools:

Activities On Indigenous history: Grades4-8.pdf

Curriculum Resources:  (REALLY AWESOME curriculum resource)

Truth and Reconciliation/ Decolonization:

Residential Schools:
Secret Path
Orange Shirt Day:–ideas.html

Info re: Indigenous students and culturally relevant mathematics

Educational Resources:

Human Rights Websites:

Accessible Education
Council of Ontario Universities (2012). Introduction to Accessible Education. Website:

Ontario Human Rights Commission (2009). Guidelines on Accessible Education. Website:

Persons with Disabilities
Abilities Magazine:
Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work:
Citizens with Disabilities- Ontario:
Coalition for Persons with Disabilities:
National Educational Association of Disabled Students:
Mental Health in the Classroom
Ontario Ministry of Education (2013). Support minds: An educator’s guide to supporting students’ mental health and well-being.

Exploring the lived experiences of persons with disabilities
Blindsided: Lifting a life above illness: A reluctant memoir
If I played my life: Poems by people with Schizophrenia
What time is the 9:20 bus?
An unquiet mind: Memoirs of Moods and Madness. Free Download:
Reflections from a different Journey: What adults with disabilities want all parents to know.
Born on a blue day: The gift of an extraordinary mind.