Participant Lesson Plans

These are original social justice lesson plans created during the program by TEACH Outside the Box participants using the Ontario Curriculum Expectations. Note: If using or modifying lesson plans, be sure to cite the author of the original lesson. 

Social Sciences

Grade 11 History: Afro-Caribbean People in Canada by Shenel Boyce
[Keywords; World Studies, Caribbean people, Slavery, Colonization, culture, Black people, Afro-Canadian, Canada, Indigenous people in the Caribbean, Taino.]

Intermediate Social Studies- Water in Canada Lesson by Brieanna Elliot                    [Keywords: Indigenous perspective, discussion, group work, reflection, video]

Intermediate Senior Social Sciences- International Mindedness by Jessica Randall [Keywords: culture, international, experience, discussion, mind map]

Gr. 12 World History – Human Rights and Decolonization (CHY4U) by Benjamin Sankey [Keywords: decolonization, video, group work, discussion, class participation]

Intermediate Senior Geography- Poverty- by Jessica Randall                                                     [Keywords: poverty, communities, local, discussion, food]  

Gr 9 Geography- Food for Thought by Brieanna Elliot                                                             [Keywords: statistics, local, equity, equality, population, reflection, exit card, group work]

Gr. 9 Geography – The Politics of Climate Change (CGC1D) by Benjamin Sankey  [Keywords: climate change, global politics, research, group work, discussion]

Grade 10 History- Gender Roles in the 1920s by Jessica Randall                                 [Keywords: gender, roles, discussion, teamwork, video]

Gr 10 Civics -Cultural Awareness Lesson by Brieanna Elliot                                      [Keywords: word wall, discussion, mind mapping, reflection, visual component, group work]

Gr 11 Gender Studies- Gender Stereotypes by Brieanna Elliot                                   [Keywords: gender, stereotypes, media, reflection, discussion, exit card, group work]

Grade 12 World Issues- Migration- Canada’s Record- by Erin Clancy
[Keywords: political cartoons, migration, Syrian refugees, refugee camps, M.S St. Louis]


Gr 7 Math- Shape of You- Classifying Shapes Lesson by Melissa Hennig                           [Keywords: Group work, inclusive, manipulatives, community building]

Gr 11 Math (Geometry and Trigonometry)- Indigenous Structures and Tools by Recy Thomas  [Keywords: large group activity, active learning, small group activity]

Languages (Elementary)

Grade 1 Language-Literacy: Anti-Racism and Anti-Bullying Lesson by Haley De Turse
[Keywords: anti-racism, anti-bullying, diverse community, acceptance, hijab, The Proudest Blue]

Grade 6 Reading- Racism, Power and Privilege by Vanessa Stepnowski                          [Keywords: interpretation, problem posing, perspectives, group discussion]

Gr 6 Reading-Tolerance and Culture by Vanessa Stepnowski                                                   [Keywords: think-pair-share, diversity, quotation analysis, writing]

Languages (Secondary)

Grade 9-12 English: Storytelling is Personal by Tia Bankosky
[Keywords: story, storytelling, Indigenous, positionality, representation, belonging, video, reflection]

Grade 9 French- Songwriting and Poetry by Jasmine Pallister                                               [Keywords: oral communication, experiential learning, music, arts]

Gr 9 English -Resistance Poetry by Jake McNeil                                                                [Keywords: music, inequality, world issues, response poetry]


Grade 7 Science: Maple Sugar Ecosystems by Tia Bankosky
[Keywords: ecosystem, habitat, producer, consumer, decomposer, gratitude, Ziinzibaakwadgummig, Innitiatig, video]

Grade 7 Science- Heat in the Environment by Jessica Randall                                         [Keywords: conduction, convection, radiation, heat, Indigenous knowledge]

Grade 7 Science- Effects of Light Pollution by Jasmine Pallister                                           [Keywords: Indigenous perspectives storytelling, ecosystems, species]

 Grade 8 Science: Our Water- An Exploration into Sustainability by Melissa Hennig  [Keywords: partners, art, collaborating, sustainability, technology, storytelling, Indigenous perspectives

Gr.11 Physics Introduction to Forces Through Biomimicry by Brendan Parsram [Keywords: Forces, Nature, Groups, Birds, Physics, Engineering]

Gr 11 Biology The Power of the Symptom and the Disease by Brendan Parsram [Keywords: respiratory, circulatory, digestive system, hidden and visible powers]


Grade 4 Drama- Homelessness by Vanessa Stepnowski                                               [Keywords: music, role play, large group discussion, active learning]

Grade 9 Drama Privilege through the Art of Tableaux by Jake McNeil                   [Keywords: power, privilege, equality, guided discussion]


MMIWG Univeristy Lecture- Raising Awareness and Social Justice Change by Breanna Puhach [Keywords: Social work, Missing and Murder Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG), social justice, awareness, advocates, social pedagogy, film, creating change]